A song for riding in a sardine can on the back of an albatross.

https://youtu.be/lvoDOHhgaGY – That should be a link to the song ‘Tomorrow Is Another Day’ from Disney’s The Rescuers, which was one of my favourite movies growing up – and still holds a special place in my heart. R-E-S-C-U-E, Rescue Aid Society, Heads held high, Touch the sky, Our hearts we pledge to thee.

Older Disney movies are so beautifully drawn it’s like looking at a painting everytime you press pause. I have that song in my head, and it is, as the title suggests, a great song to listen to when you’r riding in a sardine can on the back of an albatross. Tomorrow is another day. But how was today?

Since my last entry, I have learned that the “daily feelings meter” I described making in my last entry is actually called a ‘Mood Tracker’ and is a type of bullet journal, or ‘bujo’ which are very popular and very simple ways to keep track of your day and other things. I’ve been on Pinterest a lot lately, and my Projects To Try board has been filling up. I also created a Bitmoji and have been playing a game called Battlelands – it’s similar to Fornite – on my phone, check out the pictures of my avatars below. I’ve been feeding my virtual fish on Fish Tycoon and I’ve also spent time catching up with friends, which has been good. I got a hug from a My Little Pony plush, yay.

Today I enjoyed the sunshine, spent time at the library and took a brief look in a newly opened Op Shop – I didn’t go in intending to buy anything but I couldn’t resist – I love Op Shopping because of the unique clothing, accessories and bits and pieces you can find.

This Op Shop was great, they had a beautiful display right near the front of the store of some gorgeous formal dresses – check out the pictures below of them and my Op Shop finds (apologies about the glare from the light or if they’re a bit blurry). I think the yellow dress in the display looks a little like Belle’s dress from Beauty and the Beast, which is a coincidence because I found a Belle figurine while looking around the shop – I bought it as surprise for my sister, who loves Beauty and the Beast – she has quite a collection of Belle and Beast figurines and Pop Vinyls. She thought it was cool and she’s now added it to her collection.

I also brought home a beautifully detailed compact mirror – only $1 – a ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ postcard and butterfly page marker/ornament – only 50c each. Are they called page markers or just bookmarks? However, instead of using it as a bookmark, I’m going to put this one in my terrarium – which is a kind of minature garden for all you folks at home, or you know, Google it, you might find something interesting. I also bought my Mum a book, Speaking Out: A 21st Century Handbook For Women and Girls (2016) by Tara Moss. My Mum likes her book series, the Makedde Vanderwall series, so I thought she’d enjoy it. I might try giving it a read as well. Tara Moss was a model, but is now an author and a UNICEF national ambassador. Her book sounds thought provoking – has anybody in the audience read this book? Anyone? If you answered yes, what did you think of it? Don’t be shy about leaving comments people. I can appreciate some good, honest feedback. — This post will continue after these images —

The above picture of a dinosaur was a not drawn by me, I found it on the table at the library and decided to save it from being thrown away. I’m now colouring it in to look like Reptar from Rugrats, just for nostalgia. Today was a great day, and I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Tomorrow I’m going to a craft class/session with a friend, she’s on WordPress as missgiggles96, and as I mentioned in my first post, she’s one of the friends who inspired me to write a blog, and who inspires me in life ❤

Seriously, I’m dedicating this post to my friends and family, who have been so great to spend time with. I’ve had a really positive start to 2019! Let’s hope the positivity shines on! 🤣😄😂 – DGxoxo.

2019! Blank Pages.

So, what do I write? 2019 is here, yay! Better make this year count, next stop the big 2020. I read somewhere that ‘life is a train ride, you’re going by one stop at a time’ (not the exact quote) but where is my train going? Everything seems full of blank pages waiting to be filled, from this blog, to the notebooks I write in, to my calendar for this year.
Speaking of this year, I saw this really cool art project on Pinterest and decided to create one myself, it’s sort of a daily feelings-meter (see the pictures below, sorry if they’re a bit blurry) – using a piece of graph paper, you chart 12 boxes across and 31 down – one for each month and day of the year, then label each box with a month or day (JFMAMJJASOND + 1-31), fill in the extra squares in months with less than 31 days and then decide on a colour scheme to rank the days from ‘amazing day’, ‘great day’, ‘good day’, ‘eh’, ‘bad day’ and ‘worst ever’ to easily keep track of how you’re feeling each day by filling in each box with whichever colour symbolises how your day was. It looked pretty easy and pretty cool, so I decided to try it out, and if any of my readers decide to give it a try, let me know in the comments section.
I really appreciate hearing from readers (is there anybody out there?)
“The truth is I am not your cure but I can help you… Find a way to reconcile the dark…
Don’t hold back… Is there anybody out there feeling something?” – Don’t Hold Back, The Potbelleez.
So, this blog post, originally about me being unsure what to write about, now includes details of an art project I began, and a musical interlude. I consider that a success. I could include more random things I find on Pinterest in the future, because what am I doing in 2019??? As I mentioned earlier, where is my train 🚆 even going? (I couldn’t resist adding the train emoji)
What could I do, and write about, next? It’s all a blank page, which is both nerve-wracking and awesome… Yogalates? 😛 Sewing? Art? Book reviews? Fitness? Fashion? I have no idea where we’re going, but I’m gonna enjoy the ride – DGxoxo.

Starting a blog!!! Feat. Cute Christmas Gifts (yes, that phrase needs capital letters).

I’ve been inspired to write a blog thanks to some friends who are on WordPress and have mentioned how awesome it is and how they find it useful for getting their ideas out there. Special mention to my bestie missgiggles96 – check out the awesome squirrel Christmas card and little reindeer candycane jar she gave me. This blog is supposed to help me be more social and give me something to do. So here goes…


Hi, this is the girl with the dinosaur glasses – DinoGlasses 👓. My pen name was inspired by the film Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009) where the main character, Rebecca, uses the pen name The Girl in the Green Scarf when writing her column. I have a pair of novelty glasses – tea shades with holographic T-Rexes on the lenses, so I’ve chosen to make them my very own ‘Green Scarf’. This blog is 1/4 fashion and accessories, 1/4 social commentary, and 2/4 (=1/2) whatever I feel like writing. I love writing and I’m a definite chatterbox, so expect the unexpected and if you’re interested, check out this blog, straight from my brain to the page (unless otherwise quoted) 😉 😛 – DGxoxo.